What can I do about tracks with poor sound quality?

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Traxsource provides a wide variety of underground music from a vast amount of music companies.  Many are very large companies while others are much smaller.  Our music downloads are only as good as the source of the original Master Recordings. We do not alter masters in any way and tracks sold are an exact digital copy of the masters provided by the record companies.

Traxsource is proud to offer many unique, underground artists and labels.  We have come to understand that this means a broad range of "Audio Fidelity" and that some producers and labels provide a better quality of sound than others.

Traxsource strives to provide the best service humanly possible.  So, if you believe you have discovered a damaged or mislabeled track please let us know via email to  support@traxsource.com .

We will do all that is possible to get the problem resolved.

Please provide the following information:
1- Your registered Traxsource Username
2- The name of the track
3- Your Traxsource Order date
4- Be as specific as possible ie, exact timing of the glitch or issue within the track.

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